Baseball Card Information

LAST UPDATED SITE: November 2022

Welcome baseball card fans. I, like many of you, am a baseball card collector. I collected cards when I was a kid, and my collecting years were from 1975-1990. I took a 16-year break from the hobby and in 2006, I decided to revisit the cards that I had. Some of my cards were worn and some sets were incomplete; so, I set out to build better sets for myself.

I acquired multiple sets and lots from 1967 - 1979 to create my master sets. I have some duplicates from these years for trade. I have complete Topps sets from 1968 - 2021 minus a few variations/error cards which I'm pursuing.

I am also very interested in some assorted Topps and Bowman modern sets. I started online trading in Jan 2010 and have acquired several partial sets and lots, but I have many more cards to go. Also, I am collecting several associated insert sets with them.

My goal is to have a vintage complete set that is EX or Better condition for 1967-1979. Condition rules are listed here ... http://www.markwing.com/baseball/conditionguide.php NOTE: Cards containing any size crease or wrinkle is graded VG-EX at best, while I initially accept them, I do try to upgrade them to EX or Better.