Courses Taught at Boise State University 
ART 589       Museums and Galleries as Critical Spaces, graduate seminar, Spring 2020 
ARTH 499    Art and the Nation: 1500 to Present, seminar course, Spring 2020 
ARTH 499    Art and Globalisation: 1500 to Present, seminar course, Spring 2019
ART 298       Methods and Critical Skills, seminar course, Spring 2019 
ARTH 354    Northern Renaissance Art, lecture course, Spring 2019, Spring 2020
ARTH 365    Baroque Art, lecture course, Fall 2018, Fall 2019
ARTH 355    Italian Renaissance Art, lecture course, Fall 2018, Fall 2019 

Courses Taught at McGill University
ARTH 200    Introduction to Art History, lecture course, Summer 2017
ARTH 305    Methods in Art History, lecture course co-taught with Abi Shapiro, Winter 2013 

Courses Assisted at McGill University
BASC 201    Scientific and Technological Controversies, seminar section leader, large lecture course taught by Gabriella Coleman, Fall 2016 
ARTH 368    Studies in Northern Renaissance Art, lecture course taught by Chriscinda Henry, Fall 2013 
ARTH 207    Introduction to Early Modern Art, lecture course taught by Samantha Burton and Anuradha Gobin, Summer 2012 

Reading Groups Convened at McGill University
IPLAI             Why History Matters, seminar-style reading group convened with Danijela Zutic, Fall 2013, Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas