Tomás Rodríguez Barraquer

email: t.rodriguezb(at)uniandes(dot)edu(dot)co
Of: W-819
Faculta de Economía
Calle 19A No. 1-37 Este · Bloque W
Bogotá, Colombia


Voting in Large  Committees with Disesteem Payoffs: A 'state of the art model'
(Joint with Rune Midjord and Justin Valasek)
Games and Economic Behavior, 104 (2017), 430-443.

From Observable Behaviors to Structures of Interaction in Binary Games of Strategic Complements
Entropy 15, no. 11 (2013): 4648-4667.
(Special issue on Social networks and difussion, edited by Paolo Pin)

Social Capital and Social Quilts: Network Patterns of Favor Exchange
(Joint with Matthew O. Jackson and Xu Tan)
 The American Economic Review 102, no. 5 (2012): 1857-1897.

Epsilon-equilibria of Perturbed Games
(Joint with Matthew O. Jackson and Xu Tan)
Games and Economic Behavior 75.1 (2012): 198-216.

Work in Progress

"A Model of Competitive Signaling" 
(with Xu Tan)

"Strategic Grouping and Search for Quality Journalism. Online vs. Offline"

(with Matthew Ellman)

"Peer effects and Endogenous Network Formation"
(with Giacomo De Giorgi, Isabel Melguizo and Michele Pellizzari)

"Propensity to Trust and Network Formation"
(With Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Danisz Okulicz and Davide Pietrobon)

“Revisiting Games with Strategic Complements in  Networks”

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