Affiliates | アフィリエイターの皆様へ

As ‘your success is our success’, at JAPAN-REIC we have designed a world-beating affiliate plan to enable you to promote our highly acclaimed platform using the most comprehensive range of tools and services available.

After you have performed step 1 by completing our simple registration form, you can then expect to convert the largest possible percentage of your web-site traffic into your new affiliates and subsequent profits. Remember, that you are entitled to a lifetime commission for every new subscriber you introduce.

You will discover that our commission plans could not be more inventive or flexible at producing you with optimum revenue streams. For example, you can select a Revenue Share Plan that will pay you a percentage of the income receives from each of your referrals.

Alternatively, you may prefer a Cost per Acquisition plan allowing you to receive a pre-defined payment for each of your customers. The choice is entirely yours and your personally assigned affiliate manager will always be on hand to help you make the best choice.

We are in a constant process of improving and expanding our extensive range of tools which have been designed specifically to help you support your online and offline promotions. You can construct the precise advertising campaigns to fulfill the requirements of all your advertising campaigns by using a vast range of banners, video center, ebooks, trader manuals, email promotions, newsletters and landing pages. If you need help, then that is no problem as our specially-trained marketing team will be delighted in assisting you in all aspects of your promotions.

At the click of a button, our highly accurate and user-friendly trading platform can supply you with high quality reports displaying all the key parameters of your promotional and advertising activities. You can track your impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. with pinpoint accuracy.

You can be 100% confident of receiving prompt and regular monthly payments for all the commission you have accumulated during the preceding month. A summary report will also be supplied detailing all transactions.

So, why not become our partner today by clicking here to complete our simple registration form. You can then rest assured that as we our goal is to help you fulfill your dreams of success that becoming our partner is one of your best choices to build a new profitable business.

Supporting Tools

We are constantly expanding and improving our library of powerful promotional tools every day so that you will have an ever-growing choice to match your needs perfectly. Our extensive range of utilities is available to help you support your online and offline promotions by allowing you to design exciting advertising campaigns to convey your image and profile effortlessly.

They include banners, video center, ebooks, trader manuals, email promotions, newsletters, landing pages. In addition, do not forget that you our highly-trained support team is available 24/7 to help you craft the most creative projects.


Our assorted selection of professional-produced banners are totally customized and come in all sizes and shapes. With such an extensive eye-catching choice, you will easily be able to make your web-site stand out of the crowd. Your traffic just needs to one-click your banners to send them to us and start your money rolling in.

Video Library

We possess an excellent selection of videos that will meet your every need whether you are seeking promotional or instructional content. They can serve as great attractive features for any marketing campaign you are planning to undertake as they explained everything that there is to know about OptionRally’s award-winning services and trading platform. By pressing ‘PLAY’, your website traffic will turn into your new affiliates in no time at all.


By adding your selection of our range of ebooks to your site, your visitors will be highly impressed with the in-depth quality of information provided. Your website could then become their one-stop source satisfying all their needs from binary option strategies to top tips on how to maximize their trading profits.

Trader manual

This is an excellent tool to use to help convert visitors to affiliates as it explains in easy-to-understand steps how to make the best use of OptionRally’s platform and services. Our Trader Manual has been specially designed to add an impressive and professional touch to your website with the specific intent of optimizing your visitor-to-affiliate conversion rate.

Designed Newsletter

We can provide you with a constant stream of high quality newsletters that can keep your website traffic fully up-to-date with all the latest market news and promotions. All you need to do is just click one button to send the newsletters to your targeted audience as frequently as you like. As the content of the newsletters is specifically written to explain all the powerful advantages and benefits of investment products, watch as they help your list of affiliates grow before your very eyes.

Landing Pages

You just need to install attractively produced links onto your web-site to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Each time your visitors click on them, they will be sent to our specially-crafted landing pages designed to induce them to become your affiliates by exploiting expertly-devised text and pictures expounding all the advantages. Once installed which takes only minutes, just then sit back and watch the money rolling in.

Email Promotion

This powerful market tool is a proven way to explode your list of new affiliates allowing you to achieve almost instant profits. When you require a method to attract new custom by informing them about special discounts, new products or latest developments, then you will find that a laser-directed email promotion is one of the most effective methods of achieving this objective. Use this tool to obtain maximum bang for your efforts and the maximum profits for your coffers.