Temirlan T. Moldoğazı

Associate Professor of Public Finance & Management

O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


Indiana University, Ph.D. 2012 (Public Finance, Public Management)

Indiana University, M.A. 2002 (Comparative Institutions/Transitions)

American University of Central Asia, B.A. 2000 (International & Comparative Politics)

I hold a doctorate degree with major specializations in public finance and public management and a doctorate minor in statistical science from Indiana University. My primary research, teaching, and consulting interests are at the juncture of public sector capital financing, fiscal policy, organizational management, and regional and local governance. 

I am a co-author of Information Resolution and Subnational Capital Finance (Oxford University Press 2021) and State and Local Financial Instruments: Policy Changes and Management, 2nd Ed. (Edward Elgar Publishing 2021). In my work, it is not uncommon to assess the impact of financial factors on organizational outcomes, as well as the impact of organizational factors on financial outcomes. Outside of the United States, I conducted research and taught in Eastern Europe & the Caucasus, Central Asia, South East Asia, and Australia.

My research utilizes a wide range of analytical methods--from simplest univariate solutions to multivariate frequentist and Bayesian estimation approaches, from cross-sectional to panel to multilevel methods, from structural equation modeling to computational text analysis. This work has been published in journals such as the American Review of Public Administration; Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Administration; Governance; International Public Management Journal; Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory; Journal of Public Policy; Municipal Finance Journal; National Tax Journal; Public Administration; Public Administration Review; Public Finance Review; Public Budgeting & Finance; Review of Public Personnel Administration; Urban Geography; and Urban Studies

I taught undergraduate and graduate courses at several universities:

Comparative politics and statistics (2002-2006) at the American University in Central Asia. 

Financial management, public management, and statistics (2007-2012) at Indiana University

Public finance, public policy, and statistics (2012-2014) at the University of South Carolina.

Public financial administration, statistical analysis, graduate seminars in public budgeting, debt management, financial management of public sector organizations, and metropolitan fiscal problems (2014-2019) at the University of Georgia.

Courses that focus on public sector economic analysis, public financial administration, budgeting and debt finance, regional and urban fiscal policy, social impact finance and public financial innovations (2019-2023) at the Pennsylvania State University

Before my doctorate studies, I managed and consulted on data collection and survey research projects (e.g., the World Values Survey (WVS) in the Kırgız Republic). I also served as the deputy director for the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Academy in Bishkek and worked as a media monitoring analyst (quantitative coding of print, TV, and radio content) as part of the OSCE's election observation teams during the parliamentary elections (2000 & 2005) in the Kırgız Republic. 

I am a native of the Kırgız Republic (Jarkımbaevo, Isık Köl), and in addition to English, I speak Kırgız and Russian languages fluently. I have intermediate reading, listening, and conversational proficiency in Kazakh, Turkish, and Uzbek languages. In my free time, I enjoy studying the histories and literatures of Turkic and Persian peoples of Central Asia.