Tirzah Jacob, LPC 

Licensed Professional Counseling Services


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Asking for help takes courage. It means acknowledging and accepting that there is a problem that can no longer be resolved in isolation. At one point or another, everyone is confronted with the unavoidable parts of life that are particularly difficult or painful. Everyone will have experiences that feel overwhelming, and that will create the need for additional resources and emotional/social support.

 The ability to reach out to others for help is instinctive, healthy and adaptive. Unfortunately it's not always easy, as it requires a willingness to look closely and honestly within ourselves and at our lives, assessing both our strengths and limitations. Seeking the support of a professional is a helpful way to begin this process.

Personal therapy is a resource that is grounded in clinical research and science, while also attending to the emotional world that makes us human. A therapeutic relationship with a good clinician focuses on problem resolution as well as creating a consistent time and space to examine behavior, to sort out thoughts and feelings and to release difficult emotions. Within this environment, clients can make the positive and lasting change they desire. 

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