(update: 7 Jan 2008)

1. Sound Signals Used in Castnet Fishing with The Help of Irrawaddy Dolphins

This poster was presented at the "Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life" conference which was held in Nyborg (Denmark) from 13 to 17 August 2007. Thanks to the conference organizers, I could present the sound signals which are sent by castnet fishermen in their fishing with the help of Irrawaddy dolphins. I believe that dolphins may communicate among themselves with sound signals but, of course, I don't know how they do. Study on the aquatic noises is a very new subject and nobody has studied bioacoustics and aquatic noise in Myanmar yet. Cooperative fishing with the Irrawaddy dolphins is a unique of Myanmar. So, It is a big opportunity for the bioacoustics. Are you interested in it? Let me know, please.

2. Dugongs in Myanmar and the Way Forward

Thanks to the Secretariate of the SEASTAR2000, Dr. Arai of the Kyoto University, I could get a chance to present a poster to the SEASTAR2000 International Symposium which was held in Phuket (Thailand) in December 2007. It concerned with dugongs in Myanmar based on my surveys. Please, also visit my dugong page for further info.


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