Rates and Appointments


To schedule an appointment please contact me. Sessions take place in a beautiful earthen lodge at a farm in southwest Portland, or at my office space in SE Portland. Phone appointments are also available.  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy; if you do not call ahead to cancel, you will be charged for that time.

Rates and Payment

I charge a sliding scale of $50 – $100 per session.  A session is typically one hour and   payment is due at the time of the appointment.  I accept cash, personal checks and credit cards (via PayPal).

About My Rates

It is important to me for healing work to be as accessible and affordable as possible. I use a sliding scale in the hopes that you will determine where you best fall on it. Because I see healing work as community activism, part of my work is done for free. By paying what you can you are helping others access healing work as well.


Our work together is completely confidential. I may confer with colleagues with whom I consult from time to time, but not disclose names or specifics.