Classes & Workshops

Current classes include:

Herbalism for Intentional Communities

This six-weekend program is designed for members of intentional communities to learn the skills for sharing herbs and addressing the health needs of the collective experience with plant medicines.

The goal of the course is to bring herbal medicine back to its function as a group activity for communities to use to engage fully in sustainable relationships with the plants of their bioregion. The skills taught in the course are intended to be shared amongst all community members in such a way that taking care of each other can be a collective activity: making medicines together, taking herbs together, gardening and harvesting together, and healing together. We are seeking to generate the tools for off-the-grid health care that moves beyond the practitioner-client relationship, restoring the tribal method of healing as a community endeavor.

We are restoring herbal medicine as a collaborative act of promoting community health from within - off-the-grid healthcare that everyone in a community can participate in.

Taught by local herbalists Erico Schleicher, Rebecca Cascade, and others.

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Past classes include:

The Pentacle of the Great Turning

In these times of unprecedented crisis on our planet we come together to liberate our primal essential selves and reclaim our solidarity with earth and the council of all beings. With our ancestors and descendants as our guides we embark on a journey through deep time to discover the courage and power inherent in us through embracing the suffering we carry and the love we have for our beautiful green home in order to restore balance and vitality to the web of life. Using the tools of magic, trance, storytelling, art, sound and movement we will explore the points of the pentacle – desire, surrender, transformation, solidarity, and manifestation on behalf of the Great Turning; the shift already in process from a self-destructive society to a life-sustaining one.

Woman’s Rites of Passage: Blood Mysteries

The Magical Body


Reclaiming Core Classes

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Elements of Magic

With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of magic and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Techniques include: visualization, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and structuring rituals.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage focuses on dreams, myths, and language, using traditional and non-traditional tales and techniques to create a personal rite of passage. Through storytelling, trance, release work and dreams we receive our challenge(s), meet our helpers, work through our blocks and emerge renewed. Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students. Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Iron Pentacle

Using our magical skills, moving and shaping energy, transforming ourselves through trance to explore the five points of our inner pentacle: Sex (primal energy), Self, Passion, Pride (self-esteem), and Power (effectiveness in the worlds). Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class.

Pentacle of Pearl

We will work with the deep, healing energies of the Pentacle of Pearl, moving through the five points: Love, Law, Wisdom, Power and Knowledge. Prerequisite: Elements of Magic or equivalent.