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研究方向與題目/Research Directions
   VLSI架構設計,多媒體訊號處理架構設計,  soc 平台設計與發展
   VLSI architecture design, multimedia signal architecture design, SOC platform design
   signal processing, deep learning, biomedical signal processing
目前進行研究/Research on-going (2016/11) 
    High Efficiency Video Coding, 3D and Multiview Video, Biomedical Signal Processing
            deep learning, neuromorphic learning
   歡迎加入VLSI Signal Processing實驗室,目前研究方向與題目以VLSI架構設計,多媒體訊號處理架構設計,  soc 平台設計與發展,訊號處理,深度學習,仿生學習,生醫訊號處理為主,有多項研究計劃經費支援. 歡迎專題生與碩博士班研究生加入,但具有 VLSI Design 或 IC design 或 computer architecture/organization 相關知識的同學將更好,若沒有亦無關係.如想加入本實驗室,請帶個人簡介與成績單至工程四館 406室找我洽談 (請先透過e-mail: tschang@mail.nctu.edu.tw, or telephone (03-5731925) 確定時間).也歡迎先到 ED427找實驗室學生瞭解研究近況.
General descriptions for recruiting
We are currently working on design of advanced video codec project, that is, video compression and decompression used in your DVD, handset and set top box. We are looking for  and welcome undergrads. graduate and PhD students to join our research. You do not necessarily have to know anything about IC design, But students of any of the following backgrounds are more than welcome,
     VLSI Design or IC Design Lab
     Computer Architecture
If you want to talk to Prof. Chang, please make appointment by email, MSN or phone call and bring your resume. 
Also, you can take a look on the Research pages to know what's going on here.

TEL: +886-3-5731925
FAX: +886-3-5710580
e-mail: tschang@mail.nctu.edu.twOffice: ED406
Tian Sheuan Chang, Dept. Electronics Engineering,
National Chiao Tung University ,
1001 Ta-Hsueh Rd., Hsinchu 300, Taiwan. R.O.C.

My lab: VLSI Signal Processing Lab
ED427 - TEL: 03-5712121. ext. 54243
  • 聯絡方式 
TEL: 03-5731925 (校內分機 : 31925)
Office: 工程四館 406室
e-mail: tschang@mail.nctu.edu.tw張添烜, 國立交通大學電子工程系
300 新竹市大學路1001號
我的實驗室: VLSI Signal Processing Lab
工程四館 ED427 - TEL: 03-5712121. ext. 54243 

    • Award實驗室獲獎記錄
      1. 2004/06 九十二年度大學院校矽智產(SIP)設計競賽Soft IP 不定題組特優
      2. 2005/01 Best award of 2005 ASPDAC student design contest                                    
      3. 2005 IC 競賽 - cell-based design 優等與佳作 
      4. 2006 IC 競賽 - cell-based design 特優
      5. 2008教育部 IC 競賽 - cell-based design 佳作。
      6. 2008 45th DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest outstanding award
      7. 2008台灣積體電路設計學會-博碩士論文獎
      8. 2009 教育部 IC 競賽 - cell-based design 佳作
      9. 2011 龍騰微笑創業競賽 二獎 100萬
    • Award - 個人獲獎記錄
      • 2007, 中國電機工程學會, 優秀青年電機工程師獎
      • 2010, 台灣積體電路設計學會, 傑出年輕學者獎

    Tian Sheuan Chang,
    Oct 2, 2018, 2:43 AM