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Yachts are high end recreational water craft

The term yacht can apply to power or sailing vessels. Since they are built for leisure, yachts differ from working boats. Luxury on the water is the main goal when designers build a yacht. Although there has been a recent global recession, the demand for these vessels is still high. Boats under 40 feet are more commonly known as cruisers or cabin cruisers. A luxury yacht is usually greater than 100 feet in length. Over 200 feet and the term "Super yacht" best describes these amazing vessels.

Wealthy people find a yacht a great escape for privacy and adventure. Equipped with all the latest technology and navigation devices a yacht can reach almost any point in the world. The Arctic and Antarctica ice will restrict movement at the earth poles.

The savvy yacht owner will research the best power for their needs and any history a yacht builder may have. In recent years some yachts have been denied anchorage because of polluting engines. The last thing a wealthy yacht owner wants is to be denied harbor privileges. Large fuel tanks give a yacht a wide range of travel but they must fuel up at some point. Some law suits have been filed over this issue but it is best to avoid the problem by being aware of any possible complications.

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Picture taken by author. Super Yacht at San Carlos, Mexico

Fantastic engineering allows some yachts the ability to carry a helicopter, have sea side dining and fresh water swimming pools. Gold fixtures can also be found on high end yachts. Owning a yacht is a symbol of success. The rich spare no expense to make their yacht a "floating palace".

The term yacht buoy may refer to life saving devices, navigation aids or mooring systems. They come in various sizes and compositions. Inflatable buoys are used in many racing competitions as they do not inflict damage to a vessel in case of accidental collision. A mooring buoy must be anchored solidly as the weight of the vessel along with water currents / tides can cause tremendous forces on the anchoring system. Channel buoys and harbor buoys assist the captain / driver of the vessels to navigate the water safely.

A Sailing yacht can range from 20 feet to over 100 feet.The cost of owning and maintaining a yacht quickly increases with size. Most people will call a smaller vessel a sailing boat although the sport of sailing is referred to as yachting. When races are held, any sailboat will be called a yacht regardless of its size. Motor sailors are a popular choice for those that want the ability to use sails or use an engine for propulsion. They will have an all weather cockpit to allow the vessel to be run in any weather conditions.

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