About The Roosters

The Writing Roosters: (top left) Claudia Mills, Vanessa Appleby, Jennifer Bertman, Tracy Abell

(bottom left) Jennifer Simms, Laura Perdew.

In January 2015, our writing group gathered for our monthly meeting. It was a small miracle we were all able to attend, considering busy schedules and the unpredictability of Colorado winter weather. This meeting represented our group at its best: supportive, encouraging, and full of good humor. We shared our goals for the upcoming year, talked about personal challenges with our writing, and laughed about short sassy skirts and chickens and sheepdogs. When the discussion turned to roosters, Michelle said, "Ahh, roosters. I could tell you stories about roosters." We looked forward to hearing those stories about the rooster characters she'd known. They were sure to be good coming from Michelle.

We didn't know this would be the last meeting our group of seven would be together, but we are forever grateful for the gift of those two hours. After Michelle passed away, we had random rooster sightings that made us feel her presence. And so we adopted the rooster as our mascot and now call ourselves The Writing Roosters in memory of our spirited writer friend.