Genetics Camp 2017

Camp Theme: Forest Genetics

Home to 12 – 15 million Filipino indigenous peoples, the Philippine forests are vital for biological conservation, environmental protection, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. They serve as significant carbon sink, ideal locations for education and research, and habitats for flora and fauna which are indigenous to the Philippines.

Amplifying Forest Genetics, the science behind understanding and unraveling the mysteries of heritable materials maintained within and among species of trees and other woody plants, is seen as a promising step towards improving the resilience, adaptive mechanisms, and productivity of the forests and trees. Conserving and protecting forest genetics resources have become a resounding call by the Philippine government and environmentalists as challenges such as human population growth, land-use changes, and climate change that confront the country become increasingly evident.

In this regard, The UPLB Genetics Society takes the initiative of bringing together a nationwide pool of young scientists, innovators, and climate warriors to a common platform where they can talk about their new-found knowledge in Forest Genetics and utilize it as a tool to combat climate change and to create awareness campaigns about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals at their own schools and communities. 

Puno ng Buhay is a program on the environment and forest conservation with the integration of science concepts to help students be aware and educated on the importance and of saving Philippine tropical forests. Puno ng Buhay is a production made through the partnership of Knowledge Channel and the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF). 

What is Genetics Camp?

Genetics Camp is an annual event hosted by The UPLB Genetics Society for high school students. Through the years, GenCamp has been widely known for featuring interesting feats in the science of Genetics while having fun!

Download the 2017 GenCamp Primer (PDF) 

Why attend GenCamp 2017?

This 2017, GenCamp yet again promises another unforgettable student camp filled with fun learning experiences. We also have a bunch of activities in store for our dearest teachers as well!
  • Amazing Race to the Forest
  • Search for Mr. and Ms. Genetics Camp 2017
  • Cultural Festival
  • Seminar-workshop for Biology Teachers
  • Capacity-building 
  • Visits to Museum of Natural History, Makiling Botanic Garden, CFNR Forest and Genetics Lab, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Student delegates will also be participating in a number of individual and group competitions. 
  • Inter-High School Genetics Quiz Contest
  • Essay-Writing Contest
  • Poster-Slogan Making Contest 
  • Advocacy Speech
  • Debate
  • Search for Young Geneticist of the Year

Why should GenCamp 2017 be in your bucket list?

Genetics Camp has been widely known to feature interesting feats in the science of Genetics while engaging its participants in a pool of worthwhile activities. Top experts in the fields of Forest Genetics and climate change have been invited as speakers during the event.

Take it from the empowering speech of UNDP Administrator Helen Clark: "Ours is the last generation with the wealth and knowledge to eradicate poverty." Also, as said by Hillary Clinton, "fearless leadership from all of us indeed." We need fearless leaders. We need you. We need to collaborate. Come and join the growing number of youth fighting for the future generation's home. 

Speakers and Lecturers

The UPLB Genetics Society has invited a diverse pool of well-respected experts in the field of genetics, forestry, forest genetics and climate change.

GeneTalk 1: Forest Genetics and the Indigenous Forest Genetic Resources
Dr. Lerma SJ. Maldia 
UP College of Forestry and Natural Resources

GeneTalk 2: Amplifying Forest Genetics for Glocal Climate Change Resiliency
Dr. Enrique L. Tolentino
UP College of Forestry and Natural Resources

GeneTalk 3: Climate Change and the Glocal Goals for Sustainable Development
Mr. Ludwig O. Federigan 
Executive Director, Young Environmental Forum

GeneTalk 4: Climate-smart Tree Improvement
Dr. Wilfredo Carandang 
UP College of Forestry and Natural Resources

GeneTalk 5 and Capacity Building: The Vital Role of Youth in Achieving the 2030 Agenda
2030 Youth Force in the Philippines

Contest Winners

(1) Inter-High School Genetics Quiz Contest
Champion: PSHS - Western Visayas Campus
First Runner-up: PSHS-Bicol Region Campus
Second Runner-up: De la Salle Santigao Zobel School/PSHS-Eastern Visayas Campus

(2) Essay Writing Contest
Champion: Sophia Patrice Rodriguez
(PSHS - Bicol Region Campus)
First Runner-up: Ronica Lilia Pascua
(UST Senior High School)
Second Runner-up: Kyla Presmei Depakakibo
(PSHS - Western Visayas Campus)

(3) Poster-Slogan Making Contest
First Place: PSHS - Western Visayas Campus
Second Place: PSHS - Eastern Visayas Campus
Third Place: PSHS - Bicol Region Campus

(4) Advocacy Speech Contest
Champion: Kaira Danielle Lubis
(PSHS - Bicol Region Campus)
First Runner-up: Karl Oscerio Fernandez
(UST Senior High School)
Second Runner-up: Silas S. Chiew
(Ateneo de Davao University JHS)

(5) Debate
Champion: UST Senior High School
First Runner-up: PSHS - Western Visayas Campus
Second Runner-up: De la Salle Santigao Zobel School

(6) Young Genetics Ambassador of the Year:
Bernabe Angel Salazar
(PSHS - Western Visayas Campus)

(7) Best Operon: SIM Operon

(8) GenCamp Year 11 Over-all Winners:
Over-all Champion: PSHS West Visayas Campus
1st Runner-up: PSHS Bicol Region Campus
2nd Runner-up: UST Senior High School

Steering Committee

 Steering Committee Head   
Odilon O. Picaso
 Education Committee (1-4)
Nina Paulin A. Berunio
Arlon J. De Jesus
Joana Marie C. Cruz
Sean Lemuel L. Santos
Shalom Santiago
 Logistics and Accommodation  Committee 
Noelle Anne D. Mercado
 Food and Collectibles  Committee 
Nina R. Avena
 Invitations Committee Michelia D. Malabrigo
Freeman M. Mago
 Socials Committee Edzel S. Evallo
 Awards Committee Bianca Isabel M. Redondo
 Technicals Committee    
Ivan Matthew E. Tolentino
 Finance Committee
Ahllyzzia Irish A. Montifar
Ralph Renzo L. Carmona
 Sponsorship Committee James Raphael R. Medrado
Louise Jan M. Lopez


Sustaining the IndiGENEous: Amplifying Forest Genetics for Glocal Climate Change Resiliency

3-5 March 2017


College of Forestry and Natural Resources
UP Los Baños

Steering Committee Head:
Odilon Obias Picaso

Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems

2030 Youth Force in the Philippines

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Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development 
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