I've kept these facts close to my heart for many years. I have cried, fumed and raved, but now it's time for payback - of a kind.

I want to lay out the events that cut, disappointed and vilified me when I tried to find genuine Christian fellowship on a program called SecondLife.

So read in these pages the disturbing truths about the ALM Christian community on Second Life (based on a world called "Truth") and indeed many other associated problems.

You'll also find out about our own involvement and experiences on SL since our joining it in 2005.

My Poem About Second Life

1. While the river of this malcontent
Flows unchecked and bilious grows,
There is a stream that, crystal clear,
Transformation undergoes.
Purity maligned by woes
Heavyhearted in its daily fight;
Blight of gravity extreme
Impels them with the thought of flight.

2. While the riverbed is scoured out
With forces that it cannot hold,
Bent with bending will and imperious thought
To alter course against the stream of gold,
And all that golden knighthood abjurates
That he has seen and knows
We bend our heads in silent deference
receiving many blows.

    3. The guileless heart bows to admonishment
    Extinguishes its light and holds its peace withal;
    The thirsty cattle come to lap
    But turn aside, or slake their thirst on gall;
    And comfort calls, and privacy replies,
    And lies contort the impulse to respond,
    And safety lying at the base unharmed
    Pillows the golden children in their pond

    4. Could cursing be to utter "damn"
    When dammed must be the overwhelming flood?
    Gravel moved if single shifting grains
    A mighty fort if they united stood;
    If breaking be so fearful, who will risk
    To be the water-break, to bear the strain?
    But so the golden light diminshes to dusk,
    And glory's given o'er to human reign.