I use a nearly-defunct app called Photosynth to take pictures with my phone. These pictures live on a sphere, of which the picture-taker is at the center. I can save them in a flat, space-bending format.

I like the idea of small animation. From the early days of AOL Instant messenger buddy icons, I've been making small computer animations. In particular, a cinegram is almost a photo where some pieces of the photo are still moving. This page is a gallery of both of some of what I've made.

Sometimes I make things that don't have to do with Math or Music.

Making Mathematics

Inspired by a ::topology book about how to draw surfaces::, I've used polymer clay to make 3d-models of complicated shapes.

Inspired by designs created by the ::Hypnograph::, slight mathematical alterations allow for the symmetry of the curves to be broken and manipulated. These pieces are created by cutting the patterns out from masking-taped wood, then spray painting.

A piece of sheet music is two-dimensional. A cigar box guitar is three-dimensional. Music is multi-dimensional. What about the space between? A fractal is an idea with a fractional dimension.

These are things I've made that have been inspired by fractals.

Inspired by a Northwest Artist ::Nikki McClure::, I've created several works by cutting patterns out of a sheet of paper. Here are the ones that come from mathematical ideas.

Making Music

In the past, I've built some simple instruments using kitchen vessels, cigar boxes, weed whacker strings, etc...

I've been making a small collection of unusual-for-music-box songs punched into a DIY music box kit.