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Key stage two and three practice science exams

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 CodeBreaker game 

This is a puzzle  level game. it's starts off very easy but gets difficult pretty quickly. Can you complete it all the way to the last page? 


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A list of high quality software that costs my favourite price - nothing!


Worried about taking the national curriculum sats? Don't panic! The best way to prepare for any exam is to practise doing them. Practice makes perfect! Your school should be able to give you some of the official QCA ks2 and ks3 past SATS papers  in science. But if you want some more feel free to download these ones and use. 


Some of the files are in the form of PDF documents. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader, or another pdf viewer to view them.


List of  practice examination papers in Science

Key stage two 

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Key Stage three 


 End of module exam papers


List of  practice examination papers in Maths and English 

 Although My interest is in science I figure if you want science papers you probably also want maths and English ones. These files are compressed. If you want to open them you will need a program such as winzip to uncompress them.

KS3 English 2003

KS3 English 2004 

KS3 English 2005

KS3 English 2006

KS3 English 2007

KS3 Maths 2003 

KS3 Maths 2004 

KS3 Maths 2005

KS3 Maths 2006

KS3 Maths 2007