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 CodeBreaker game 

This is a puzzle  level game. it's starts off very easy but gets difficult pretty quickly. Can you complete it all the way to the last page? (it's not finished at the moment)


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A list of high quality software that costs my favourite price - nothing!


Activity books


I'm developing a series of science activity books each consisting of material for one or two units from the English national curriculum at key stage one. Each book will be around 10 -20 pages in length and will contain enough material to last between 5 and 9 weeks (assuming one long or two shorter science lessons per week). The books are being written and tested now and will be added to this page as I finish them.

The idea behind these booklets is to reduce the need for using loose worksheets, and therefore the need for sticking or filing. Each child is given the book at the start of the topic and works his or her way through it a couple of pages a lesson. There are fun puzzle sheets at the end of the books to amuse those children who finish quickly and many of the sheets are open ended to allow the children to self differentiate.

Lesson plans and teacher support materials will follow soon however the books are intended to be self explanatory. Feedback is always welcome, please let me know if you use these booklets and have ideas for improvements.


All books are in pdf format.

Plants and Animals for year 2 . This booklet is called "plants and animals" to make it more child friendly but is intended as a gentle introduction to the ideas of variation and adaptation to a habitat. Covers unit 2B and 2C of the English national curriculum at KS1

Sorting and Using Materials for year 1This book covers unit 1C of the national curriculum. Teachers will need to provide ideas and materials for the experiments.

plants for year 1 This book covers most of unit 1B "Growing plants" (the section on artificial plants that is in the suggested national curriculum scheme has been omitted for now because of time constraints). This unit is best taught in late spring or early summer when most seeds are likely to germinate.
Pushes, Pulls, and Forces for years 1 to 2
This book covers units 1E "pushes and pulls" and 2E "forces and movement"  of the English national curriculum. It contains a number of experiments that could be taken to level three so should probably not be taught too early in year one but saved for the summer term or put off until year two.

Health and Growth for year 2

This book covers unit 2A Heath and Growth of the national curriculum. 

Other Worksheets

These worksheets were made before I had the idea of gathering them together as workbooks. Feel free to use them.

Experimentworksheet.doc A general sheet that can be used for a whole range of experiments.