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 CodeBreaker game 

This is a puzzle  level game. it's starts off very easy but gets difficult pretty quickly. Can you complete it all the way to the last page? 


Free Software

A list of high quality software that costs my favourite price - nothing!


Theresa Knott.

My personal info can be found on my Wikipedia page. This site is intended to be mainly related to my teaching activities. The pages for teachers were inspired by sites like www.enchantedlearning.com andwww.creativechemistry.org. The puzzle pages were inspired by notpr0n. If you haven't visited these sites I recommend them.

All text and pictures on this website and on the worksheets is released under the creative commons share alike licence. Feel free to use anything you want from this site, you do not need to ask my permission.

Please feel free to email me with ideas, suggestions or tips on how I can improve these pages. theresaknott@gmail.com