“The Knights of Chess”

The school offers Master level professional chess instructors including, Yuri Lebedev, who has top qualifications, a lifelong experience teaching chess, and proven results. 


We provide a fun and challenging environment, with the emphasis on chess, to improve the thinking skills of children and young teenagers on weekends and after school hours. Yuri Lebedev is an instructor with lifelong experience teaching children chess in a playful yet stimulating atmosphere.

All students are welcome to participate in group and/or private chess lessons. Classes take place in a comfortable yet competitive setting – fundamental conditions for the intellectual development of your child.

The school helps children develop essential skills for mathematics, science, critical thinking and logic. Specifically, it is well known that success in mathematics is closely related to experience in problem solving. Such skills are commonly and most effectively developed through playing mind challenging games in a fun yet competitive environment. It is widely believed that chess is one of the best games for the improvement of such thinking abilities. Additionally, although chess is an advanced game, it is accessible to children of all ages and it is best to introduce chess at the ages as early as 4.

In our school, at the beginning of each lesson, a private discussion will take place with every student in order to determine the suitable level of difficulty for the homework that will be assigned. Such one-on-one approach is proven to provide top results: among our students are prize winners of national championships as well as participants in international championships. Many of our students, after only a short training period of several months, have succeeded in becoming top national chess players in their age group as well as making a significant improvement in school.

To uphold a competitive atmosphere, the school conducts weekly tournaments every Sunday for all willing participants. All participants are rewarded with ribbons, medals, or trophies depending on the players’ success in the tournament. For instance, the winner of the tournament who has won all his or her games is rewarded with a medal; the winner of three tournaments receives a trophy. In addition, all participants receive a - Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) rating and Chess and Math Association (CMA) rating .

For additional information please call: (416) 319-2844 or email us at: lebedev@post.com