Children's Ministry


Glasgow Evangelical Church Sunday School is held on Sunday mornings during the 11 am service.

Sunday School commences on the first Sunday of September and finishes on the last Sunday of June on a yearly basis..

Sunday school is closed during the months of July and August, however if there are several children attending the Services during these months with their parents the Sunday School teachers can provide a crèche facility.

The procedures are that the Teachers and the children of the Sunday School sit together in designated seats in the Sanctuary of the Church at the start of the 11am Service and after the opening of the Service and the first Hymn one of a number of volunteers from within the Members of the Church speaks to the children and a children’s chorus is sung and thereafter during the second Hymn, which is a children’s Hymn, the children leave the Service to go to the halls downstairs for their Sunday School.

The children are put into age groups and the teachers are:


Betty Winning


Janice McVean

Audrey Cowan

If any teacher is off on any given Sunday then either Betty Winning or one of the other teachers will take over their class.


During the period from approximately 11.15am to 12pm the children are under the supervision of the Sunday School Teachers and are taught the Reformed Christian Faith by learning about Jesus and drawing on different people in the bible and scenes from the bible stories they are taught by the Sunday School Teachers. The older children, who are of an age and can read, are taught according to a set of learning books for various age groups which the Sunday School purchase.

Once a year the Sunday School teachers, with the permission of the children’s parents, take them on an outing. This could be to the Theatre (Pantomime),cinema or other place they elect to go to that they find of interest. The parent’s consent is acquired by giving the children a slip to give to their parent and thereafter to return to the Sunday School signed by the parent. Please note that the children’s parents also attend the Church or a family Member brings them so there is no difficulty in accepting the written permission presented to the Superintendent.

If any of the children wish to use the toilet facilities in the Church they have to tell their Sunday School Teacher who then notifies the superintendent, and she takes them. The older children are allowed to go by themselves after having spoken to their teacher, unless they specifically ask for accompaniment. The children are also encourages to trust the teachers so they can in turn let them know of any things that are worrying them – such as bullying at school, in the home or in the church,

At the end of the Church Service the parents come down to the halls to collect the children and enjoy some fellowship.