Publicity Help For Your Theatre Production

Some questions for theatre artists & producers .....

For information about productions available for touring in NSW and Australia, and for profiles on current Australian theatre producers, see Cyberpaddock Cyberpaddock - a tool for performing arts touring in Australia.

The following are points thought useful for consideration by theatre makers/producers who may be starting out.
How are you going about publicising your upcoming show ? Are you and  fellow theatre artists so busy actually developing your show that you are neglecting the publicity side of things ? One way to do it might be to get the attention of newspapers and journalists, from print, radio or TV.
If you want a printed flyer promotion, Mainwaring Group Advertising can help get your printed flyers out to more than 600 venues across Sydney.
Is your theatre company or drama society on Twitter or Facebook ?
If on Twitter, have you included the link to your website in your twitter profile details ? (Often overlooked)
Even if your theatre company is not currently on twitter, i can suggest at least creating an account, with a link to your website in your profile details, so that at least other people (such as myself) can mention your twitter-handle in their tweets. You don't necessarily have to tweet much at all, only when you wish to.
It might also be helpful to put the dates of your show (including the year!) in your twitter profile details/description, so people can easily see it.
Have you created a "Facebook event page" for your production ? This will allow people to invite friends to your show.
Read this helpful article:  Why you should get involved in organic social media and how to do it right
Will your show be offering performances interpreted by AUSLAN interpreters (for the deaf) ?
AUSLAN Stage Left organisation to find AUSLAN interpreters for theatre in NSW and elsewhere.
AUSLAN Stage Left can list your show on their website to reach an audience in the deaf community.

How can you arrange for TV programs which cover the arts, to do a story on your theatre show ? Which ones might you approach ?
Do you know which programs on Radio stations in your area who cover theatre and the arts ? Here's a list of radio stations in Australia
Also, do you know the names of the newspapers covering the region in which your theatre show is travelling to ?
These links may help you with publicity....

1) 150 active Twitter accounts of NSW* print newspapers
(ie. accounts that were recently active when i last at June 18, 2014)

*New South Wales, Australia

Professional Theatre Publicists in Sydney:
(alphabetical list of  Sydney-based theatre publicists appearing in the top results on Google, plus others..)

Amanda Buckworth Publicity
karpublicity (Kar Chalmers)  (Currently publicist at ATYP Theatre)
Emma Collison Publicity or
Insight Communications (Australia-wide)
Emma Jones Publicist or
Stephanie Langridge
Georgia McKay (Currently working at Saddler Wells in London, UK.)
Mollison Communications Melbourne & Sydney
Pacific Highway Marketing Communications  (Ph: 0415 499 400)
IP Publicity (Ian Phipps)  Potts Point
Di Rolle Publicity
Sirmai Arts Marketing
Surge Ahead PR

Photographers Specialising in the Performing Arts:
(alphabetical list of  Sydney-based theatre and performing arts photographers)

Radio shows covering theatre in Sydney

Radio Playhouse on Triple H 100.1 FM - 7pm Sundays -
presented by Stephen Carnell & Leof Kingsford-Smith, with reviews by actor Lynden Jones of TheatreNow
Arts Tuesday -
on  Eastside Radio 89.7 fm with Diana Simmonds and Gaz Simpson, 10.30am (Tue)
- on FBi Radio 94.5fm with Terry Serio 10am Wednesdays
Stages 2SER fm
- on 2SER107.3fm with Benito @DiFonzo & Regina Botros 7pm Wednesdays
Arts Thursday
- on Eastside Radio 89.7 fm with Susie Lindeman & Maisy Stapleton 10.30am to Noon (Thursdays)
Coast Arts on Coast FM963  (Gosford) - with Meredith Gilmore  6pm - 7pm Sundays
Books and Arts Daily - Radio National (with Michael Cathcart) 10am Mon-Fri (repeated 2pm Sundays)
Weekend Arts - Radio National (with Melanie Tait) 2pm Saturdays

Articles relating to theatre publicity

The World of The Theatre Publicist  - video interview chaired by Disney theatrical boss Thomas Schumacher)

Embracing All Audiences - a @TEDxBroadway talk by Disney Theatrical President Thomas Schumacher (2013)

Putting Bums On Seats ; New Ways To Sell Old Arts - Crikey article by Ben Eltham (2011)

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