In picture (left to right): Kotiba, Meredith, Dr. Jay, Don, Alex, Swamy, Mike and Catherine.

Interested Students:
Funded Organic/Organometallic synthetic PhD positions available, please contact via email


04/05/17 Swamy presented at ACS San Francisco 

01/05/17 Swamy attended Annual Sensor Community Retreat at University of Cincinnati. Thanks Dr. Connick for the invitation.

10/21/16 Meredith presented a poster at Women in STEMM Research Symposium. She was awarded with best poster award. Congrats Meredith. 

05/05/16 Swamy presented a poster at Gordon Research Conference (Inorganic Chemistry) 2016

05/05/16 Swamy presented at CERM-ACS 2016

04/05/16 Electrochemically controlling the ring size of cyclic polyesters porposal got funded by Army Research Office (STIR program) 

02/01/16 Kevin's Chemical Science manuscript officially appeared online, congrats Kevin S.

01/26/16 Lab remodeling, glove box and dry solvent system and Schlenk lines were successfully installed

08/01/15 Swamy moved to Wright State University and his Wright State research group founded

St. Bonaventure / Past News

11/15/14 Kevin, Eric, Renjith and Kenny will be presenting posters at The Rochester Academy of Sciences Meeting that will be held in SUNY Brockport, NY on Nov. 15. Stop at their poster to learn more about our research efforts

10/27/14 Kevin and Eric will be presenting posters at The ACS Central Regional Meeting that will be held in Pittsburg on October 29 – November 1, 2014. Stop at their poster to learn more about our research efforts

06/12/14 Congrats Megan and Kevin for early acceptance in to George Washington Medical School

05/10/14 Congratulations Greg and Nick, group's first graduating class ('14) 

04/25/14 Congrats Kevin on receiving Borer Fellowship for Summer Research

04/19/14 Eric and Greg presents poster at Western New York Undergraduate Research Symposium

04/05/14 Swamy hosted an outreach program for Olean middle school students at St. Bonaventure

11/09/13 Swamy presented at Rochester Academy of Sciences symposium

09/19/13 Group founded

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