Editor's Note

Having served for several years now as poetry editor for AmarilloBay.org, an excellent on-line creative writing journal, I have come to understand more than ever the wealth and diversity of material that is brought to an internet publication from all over the world. I have also come to recognize in helping to edit one journal and in appearing in others on line just what an expanse of readership becomes available to the writer. It is highly likely that your work appearing on line in a periodical will be read more frequently by many more readers than through a conventional print venue. Thus I am especially pleased to help make this publishing opportunity available to the membership of the Texas College English Association.

Join the TCEA in order for accepted submissions to be published. Authors retain the copyright to their work. Work that is accepted will appear in the next issue of SCOL, thereafter archived in the on-line back issues available on the TCEA website, unless stipulated otherwise by the author.

Address submissions and inquiries about SCOL to the editor at jdelotto@txwes.edu.

I look forward to receiving your submission.

Jeffrey DeLotto

Professor of English

Texas Wesleyan University

The Burning of the Sky image from FlickrCC user justin_vidamo, used with permissions of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.