Teridon's QTFairUse6 hacks 

a perl script to automatically convert and tag your decrypted MP4 files

(with help from QTFairUse!)

Update 9/1/2006: This script is no longer needed -- QTFairUse 2.4 now handles tagging itself!

This perl script uses the COM interface to iTunes to help automate the process of converting your protected iTunes tracks to DRM-free versions, complete with the original tags and artwork.

Download the script (v1.0) here

The script requires the following

  • A Microsoft Windows platform
  • A working installation of Python
  • A working installation of Perl (script tested with ActiveState perl)
  • A clue

And all of the following items in the same directory

Once you have all that, all you need to do is fire up the script and start playing the tracks in iTunes. When the playlist is done, the script will convert all the dumped tracks into a playable format, import them into iTunes, and add all the proper tags and artwork.