Resource file hacks for iTunes for Windows

and other iTunes abuses 

Some questions in the Apple Discussions forums for iTunes for Windows led me to look into a couple hacks.

How to change the font color of the Sources list

First, someone asked how to change the background color of the iTunes song list window. I was not able to figure that out, but I was able to figure out how to change the font color in the Sources list (the pane on the left side of the iTunes window. I also determined how to change the font style (bold, italic, and/or underline). Here is a very ugly example:

As you can see, the resource also affects the color of the volume slider and the column heading text (not shown: it also changes the colors of the minimize, maximize, and close buttons). The hex offset given is for iTunes 6 -- sorry, I have not gone back and figured out the new offset for iTunes 7 yet.

How to customize the font size of the song list

Next, someone asked how to change the font size in iTunes. iTunes gives you two font sizes: "small" and "large" (last time I checked, 10 pt is not "large"). You have no option to use the font size you specify. Here's iTunes 7 with a 36pt font:

By the way, the tools provided by Apple in the QuickTime SDK (specifically DeRez), were quite helpful in figuring this all out. You need to be a member of the Apple Developer Connection. "ADC Online" accounts are free.