One of Teresa's creative ventures involves addressing her love of renaissance art and religious art and its symbology. (She’s us) is a twist on the icon Teresa grew up looking at as well as a statement of modern-day worship of what we are taught to idolize.
Teresa created Shesus in the likeness of the divine feminine we carry and pass to our daughters. Shesus represents the power of a woman's body and the intuitive wisdom we all seek in her loving open arms.
The original vision is traditional white but are available in 11 different finishes. Custom orders welcome.
She is sold at Show of Hands, Museo, The Learned Lemur, Three Arrows Gallery, Moondance Botanicals + Gifts,  XO Gifts, Bella Luna Gifts and Gallery, and Two Birds One Stone.

   Bronze                               Patina                              Renaissance                          Party      

24 Karat                                       Sari                                  Tie Dye                            Pewter      

                                             Cherry                              Wildflower                      Butterfly