Rearranging Denver

The National Endowment of the Arts posted Teresa's work on their website

for her positive impact on the community.

Where You See Trash, Teresa Castaneda Sees Art - Westword

“When we’re done with this conversation, I’m going to look like a big bum,” says Teresa Castaneda, laughing as she stands by the front door of her home on ...

Westword Story

‘Upcycling’ trash into art | The Villager News Online says:

It is little wonder Teresa Castaneda has made a career of crafting art out of junk. What else would you expect from a onetime starving artist whose throwaway rag once ...

ReArranging Denver received an Honorable Mention from the Governor's Award for Downtown Excellence on September 22, 2016, in Pueblo.
the writeup in 5280 Magazine and The Denver Post.

See Teresa's August 2015 video from Westword!!

Rearranging Denver is a zero use project, made completely from recycling and donations. No purchases. It has photo booths, games, box mazes and reclaimed prizes for every participant. It begins with dumpster diving Denver, bringing home the rescued items, making art out of it, collecting donations from local business to give to participants such as coffee, candy, and toys. The project is then hired by public venues. Hundreds of people come. She then gives every participant what has been given to her. When the gift given is taken home with the participant the project is complete.

Denver has been rearranged 100 times now!

Teresa's project is annually contracted by Denver, Arapahoe, and Boulder county libraries, schools, and Denver events such as The Denver County Fair under the heading of “Art Playground” and showcased in the Untitled event for the Open for Design exhibition at The Denver Art Museum. Special thanks to past and current sponsors: Starbucks, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger City Market, Disney, Appliance Factory Outlet, and Denver Community Garage Sales, Racines, Drip, City Bakery, Woof in Boots, Zandi K. Salon/Aveda, Xddisc, Artists on Sante Fe, All Clay, Denver Public Library, Restaurant Depot,Caboodle, Timbuk Toys, WeeCycle, Autism Community Store, and Prime Findz.

Most of her materials on this website are reclaimed. Roses are from Starbucks cups, tissue boxes, and paper towel cores. Iron sculptures are made from bathtubs, broken iron grates and old radiators. Prints are pulled from discarded paint rags. Fair projects are made from reclaimed refrigerator boxes and a myriad of other reclaimed items missing from neighbors recycling bins.