Photo Gallery

Simpson Hall set up for the Eucharist on Christmas Eve
Altar with white frontal, poinsettias in front, nativity scene to the left, advent wreath to the left of that, candelabras behind altar, pulpit to the right. Church Nativity Scene
View out the window looking at Christmas trees

The Sights and Sounds of Christmas with the Newark High School Band in our new worship space, Simpson Hall. We are pleased that we can once again welcome our Sights and Sounds visitors into a holy place.
Sights and Sounds of Christmas. NHS band members at the front playing Christmas carols, people sitting in the back watching them.

Our Advent Mitten Tree, decorated with gloves, hats, and other items, which will be donated to poor students at Ben Franklin Elementary.
Christmas tree decorated with knit hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, and undies.

Check out these photos from the 2018 Advent & Christmas Cookie Walk

Cookie Walk Customers
The Customers

Here's Our Cookie Walk Volunteers
The Volunteers!

Father Joe Kovitch and Pastor Steve Wynn pray for Newark, Ohio on 9/11/18.

Fr. Joe and Pr. Steve pray together for our city at an ecumenical service on 9/11/18.

Pr. Steve Wynn on the L, Fr. Joe Kovitch on the R
Our minister, Father Joe Kovitch (rt), meets with Pastor Steve Wynn of Trinity AME. 

Deconsecration and Consecration 1/21/18

Bishop Price's Episcopal Visit, 2017

Final Friday August 2017 - "Once Upon A Time"

Mother's Day and Pentecost 2017

Easter 2017

Our final Fridays on the Square crew gives away free water and tells people about Jesus and what He's up to at Trinity Episcopal Church.
Three people at a table.