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posted 12 Sep 2010, 13:44 by Atharva Inamdar   [ updated 12 Sep 2010, 14:33 ]
Very recently, a company called BPG Werks unleashed a monster. Namely, the DTV Shredder. This is a cross between a skateboard and a tank (minus the big bad ass gun). So this is skateboard with twin tracks and a whole lot of horsepower. Infact, this beast boasts a 200cc 15hp 4-stroke engine driving those tracks and enabling you to travel at over 30mph.

It should be mentioned that this is primarily aimed at military applications although, the general consumer off the street might be able to purchase one. So lets look at it from a consumers point of view. The main competitor to the Shredder is the Segway. Segway is primarily aimed at the general consumer but also have a more rugged version aimed at the forces.
I wanted to compare these two models but unfortunately, I couldn't find much detail on Segway's website regarding their products, which was a surprise. But here are some basic comparisons:

  DTV Shredder
 Make BPG Werks
 Weight 56.7Kg54.4Kg
 Top Speed
 30mph 12.5mph
 Engine Honda 4-Stroke 200cc 15hp, Fuel: Unleaded
 Electric drive, Fuel:Sapphion lithium-ion batteries
 Coolness Factor
 Uber Cool

I'm not going to compare the price because the Shredder will be very expensive and likely in several thousands of USD. The website states a target price of $4,999 + $250 deposit. Now if you can afford that and are adventurous, go ahead and order the DTV Shredder, as I'm very sure that you'll have a lot more fun on that, than on a Segway X2!

If you are in the UK check out Gadget Show's review of the DTV Shredder!

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