About Me

I am a final year undergradute student at Imperial College London studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Management.My academic interests lie in Computing, Networking, Digital Signal Processing, Sensing & Communication systems.


2007-Present - Imperial College London, UK. (MEng)
Open University, UK (Industrial Project)
Aylesbury Grammar School, UK (A Levels & GCSEs)

Work Experience

  • Summer Technical Analyst - Goldman Sachs
  • Enrolments Officer - Milton Keynes College
  • Technician - Intertek
  • Trainee Systems Engineer - Real Time Services
  • Trianee in Design and Development - Centre for Rapid Design & Manufacture


  • Equipment testing - Consumer electronics testing equipment for compliance with BSI standards
  • Behavioural testing - Personality Development
  • Customer Management
  • CAD Software (ProEngineer)
  • Leadership & Management training

Contributions & Awards

  • Regional Co-ordinator (London) - Students For a Smarter Planet
  • 2007-Present – ‘IET FUSE’ scholarship (performance based)
  • ‘Gold CREST’ award from ‘theBA’ for ‘Engineering Education Scheme’ 
  • ‘Platinum Award’ by ‘Exscitec’ for Engineering project with Edmund Nuttall Ltd. 
  • Oxford Trust sponsorship for development of ‘Portable Weather Station’ as part of my GCSE Systems and Control coursework 
  • A Level Electronics award from Aylesbury Grammar School for achievement. 
  • Role as I.T & Media Director for SIFE Imperial (Students In Free Enterprise) (2008-09) 
  • Group project leadership – highest scoring research project (Silicon Nanowires)


  •  IT Skills
    • MS Windows and Linux
    • Programming in Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembly,C/C++, C#
    • MSSQL scripting, asp.net (basic)
    • MS Office 97-07 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint)
    • CAD/CAM packages - ProEngineer, OrCAD & PSPICE
    • Digital Image Processing - OpenCV (Beginner Level)
  • Languages
    • English, Marathi, Hindi

Other Interests

  • Sports - Badminton, Table Tennis, Shotokan Karate
  • Blogging

By Atharva Inamdar