Pre-Consult Form

Tech Scouts is underway, with 12 students, some already quite skilled, all eager. We can do the following:
  1. Improve the visual design
  2. Clean up the code (remove inline styling for control with an external style sheet)
  3. Migrate to Wordpress (recommended for any custom coded sites)
  4. Support social and search marketing
  5. Integrate with other sites (e.g. photo galleries, blogs)

Game Face Web Design will stand behind the work, but not do it.  As a Tech Scouts client, you will see definite improvements, and if afterwards you would like to hire someone to do more, they will appreciate our improvements.

To be considered as a Tech Scouts client, please complete the Pre-Consult Form below and we will get in touch with you by July 11th. Please share this with any nonprofit local organizations you wish.  We can't take everyone, so will select based on:

  • Student Connections (agencies our students use or might work with get top priority)
  • Degree of Need (moving ugly flat HTML sites without WYSIWYG editors to Wordpress gets top priority)
  • Depth of Skill Required (we can take on only one custom PHP/MySQL site at a time)
  • Proximity to Greenfield (better when students can walk over to visit and train)