Who Are the Tech Scouts?

Video produced by Evan Goodchild of the Recovery Learning Center,

Summer Program

The Summer program ran July 7th to August 28th, 2014. Students committed to at least 6 hours per week, among the scheduled times and locations below or on their own (with online sign-in):

  1. View Our Pre-Summer Program Presentation: Click Here

    1. Tech Scouts work sessions were Tuesday 10-12:45 at RLC (with Bram & Evan), Wednesday 10-1 at ServiceNet Drop-In Center (with Bram and Micah), and Thursday 10-1 at RLC (with Bram & Evan).

    2. Tech Scouts could access the RLC during open hours as individuals (1-4 Monday except fourth Monday, 1-4 Wednesday, 2:30-5 Friday).