02/07/2015--YOU can code!

Description: Giving instructions to a computer is called coding or programming. It is fun and rewarding to give commands to your computer and see graphic results immediately. In this workshop we will use drag and drop languages to interface with the memory of the computer. We will be tinkering with puzzles, mazes and games of various types to explore sequencial events, selection and repetition. Students will collaborate and communicate and take away instructions to be able to access the same webpages from other locations.

This session is for "newbies". If you have attended other sessions, you might considering bringing a friend "newbie" with you to this session. You will be able to help her yourself.

Permission Slips: For this school year 2014-2015 you must sign and send back to us a TechGirlz Permission Slip before you attend the Workshop. This will be sent to all registered participants.

Attendance Policy: Due to our space limitations, we ask that you only register your child if you are positive they can attend. We understand illness or emergencies occur, so we ask you to be kind to those on the Wait list and let us know if you need to cancel as soon as possible. Cancellation of three events will result in automatically being placed on the Wait list for future events. Thank you.

Link to Registration: Click here to go to EventBrite