Girls Who Code group from Spring 2018.
We are scheduling for Fall 2018.  Please help your girl to join.  

Stemgirls Discovery Day at Newtown Campus on 
October 20, 2018. 



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Already planned--

Afterschool "Bitsbox-Fun with javascript"  at St. Marks in Bristol. Starts first week of April.  Six weekly sessions for middle school girls.

Monday Afternoon "Bitsbox-Fun with javascript at Upper Bucks Campus for home schooled middle school girls. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/march-april-bitsbox-fun-and-easy-javascript-upper-campus-tickets-32553801296

Tentative in NEWTOWN:  watch for Eventbrite 

  • March 11-- "Bitsbox-Fun with Javascript"  one session in Newtown campus
  • March 25 -- two different techshops  one 11  to 1 pm "Tynker with Ollie" another 2 to 4 pm "Light Graffiti"
  • April 29  -- two different techshops  one 11 t0 1 pm "HTML"  another 2 to 4 "Chemistry" 

LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR STEMgirlz Discover Day is Tuesday October 11, 2016.
$25.00 fee will be collected through paypal after you have registered through Eventbrite.

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Event Schedule:

9:00 AM - Solarium (Rollins Center): Girls arrive; Check-in table gives out bags and schedules

9:15 AM - Solarium: Welcome and Introduction; Groups assemble and move to Session 1 classrooms

9:30 AM - Session 1: 60 minutes (Founders classrooms)

10:30 AM - Session 1 ends; Bathroom/water break; Groups move to Session 2 classrooms

10:45 AM - Session 2: 30 minutes (Founders classrooms)

11:15 AM - Session 2 ends; Bathroom/water break; Groups move to Session 3 classrooms

11:30 AM - Session 3: 30 minutes (Founders classrooms)

12:00 PM - Session 3 ends; Groups move to Solarium

12:00 PM - Solarium: All-hands Luncheon and Wrap-up reflection

1:00 PM - Girls depart; Student volunteers receive certificates; Decorations are removed; Extra food is distributed among volunteers

All events will be hands-on in nature.  Use of computers where appropriate.  Titles of presentation and descriptions will be available BEFORE the sessions, and student participants will be able to rank choices. 

Groups of 10 participants will be accompanied by 2 college students as they move from session to session. 

Instructors and Professors from various disciplines in the STEM Department will lead the workshops. 


__White House Summit --- CS for All

Worked today to make this site mobile friendly,  I hope it works!  Also locations on registration screen are color coded.  9/16/2016

Welcome to Fall 2016. 
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Winner of the Logo Contest! 

There were 9 entries from the girls and then we ran a google form voting event.   I am sure glad that I did not have to make any judgement in this contest.   Each entry was fantastic.   Thanks to all of the participants. 

We will be having a FUN event to celebrate the new logo.  Keep tuned for Details. 

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    • Eventbrite Tickets will be available in September 2016.
    • We are migrating from "techgirlz@bccc" to STEMgirlz@bccc.  Colors have changed to Blue and White (same as Bucks County Community College).  
    • We need to pick a new logo.  I would like girls to design a logo and submit it to me at Arta.Szathmary@bucks.edu and we will have a contest to select the winning logo.  (more details to follow)
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