GWC--the nonprofit leading efforts to close the gender gap in tech today

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Hour of Code 2018

New projects created

Appropriate for all students and adults. This can easily be done as a family project, or child can work alone at their own speed. The project goal is to expose all school aged children to at least 1 hour of code during Computer Science Week that celebrates the birthday of Grace Murry Hopper. The site remains open 24/7 all year long. There are hundreds of activities that encourage computational thinking.

Code.orgĀ® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding . Our vision is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. Code.org also organizes the annual Hour of Code campaign which has engaged 10% of all students in the world. Code.org is supported by generous donors including Amazon, Facebook, Google, the Infosys Foundation, Microsoft, and many more.

Free Workshops for girls 5th grade to 12th grade

Our group will continue to provide free after school and Saturday events throughout the year. We are staffed by volunteers and parents who believe in the girls we serve. To find out more about Girls Who Code, please go to their website. We currently are running 3 different clubs in Bucks County. If you are interested in helping, or your daughter is interested in joining, please contact me at Arta.Szathmary@gmail.com

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September- December 2019 BUCKSGWC @ Centertec

Centertec at Oxford Valley Mall has invited us to come to their location Wednesday evenings. Each session may be a different topic, so feel free to come to any of the sessions. If your girl cannot make a particular session, please email arta.szathmary@gmail.com.

We will again be participating in CODERZ competition this fall.

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We are recruiting High School Age girls and boys to participate in an Autonomous Robot Build and Competition. Competition is in March 2020. If interested, contact Arta.Szathmary@gmail.com