Saturday Tea Tastings

45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings

Tastings are limited to 15 - 20 people and have an additional fee of $15.00 per person.  

Purchase Tickets in advance or check at Main Entrance for day of availability.


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9:15 am - Kombucha Making 

Kombucha an ancient fermented drink, long used in Asia and Europe for its detoxification and healing properties. Kombucha uses a culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast, which is added to brewed and sweetened tea leaves and herbs. As the drink ferments, it develops effervescence and a slightly tangy flavor, as the sugar is metabolized by yeast from the culture and probiotics form. Vitamins and other antioxidants are also produced.  Instructor Blaise Colasante will walk everyone through the process of making Kombucha from start to finish and will provide handouts to make it easy to create your own at home. Blaise will be bringing a gallon of Kombucha in quart jars that is ready to be harvested and go through the process of collecting the finished kombucha. Additionally, he’ll have a gallon of sweet tea to demonstrate setting up the batch for a new fermentation cycle. The finished kombucha that was collected will provide the opportunity for tasting. Attendees will be able to taste the kombucha plain or flavor it with a small quantity of fruit syrup or juice. SCOBYs (starters) will be available for those to start their own batch fermenting.  

10:30 am -   Tea Time with the Presidents (Sold Out)

Discovering the importance of tea at the highest level of our national leadership. This session takes a look at the tea history of America's first families, and the integral role it played in their lives.  Participants will sample a variety of colonial teas including Colonial Bohea, Young Hyson, Congou and Singlo.  Instructor is Judi Slack. Judi Slack is a passionate tea devotee in Cleveland. Being fascinated with tea her whole life, she put this passion to work; studied hard, sampled lots of tea and received four certificates from the World Tea Academy.  She organizes a meetup group that revolves around tea, that has been in existence for seven years, with a membership of 89 other tea enthusiasts. Ms. Slack also teaches various tea information classes at a nearby community college. She says the following ancient Chinese proverb best defines her relationship with the world of tea “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than of tea for one.”

12:00 pm  Around the World with Tea (Sold Out)

Join Anupa Mueller for this flavorful arm-chair journey across the globe with tea. Anupa, born in India and attended school in Darjeeling, is eager to share her love of tea during this session.  There are myriad teas around the world to be discovered, harvested all from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but with notable differences based on varietals, growing conditions, harvesting and processing techniques.  This tasting will encompass various regions of the world, from Japan, China, India and beyond. Discover the unique differences in color and subtle flavors in tea grown and processed in different areas. Anupa is a tea importer and markets fine teas from all over the world with her company Eco-Prima Tea. She also has close ties with the Makaibari Estate Tea Plantation in India. She will share her expertise both informatively and enthusiastically, guaranteed.

1:30 pm  - Tea and Honey Pairing Tasting (Sold Out)

The combination of quality tea and flavored honey can offer a fantastically complex and flavorful pairing to create the ultimate taste sensation! Discover a range of honey flavors at this tea and honey pairing hosted by Lori Stahl of BeeBees All Naturals. With three different teas to sample, Lori will provide a variety of flavored honey to add to each tea. You will be able to compare and contrast the flavor notes found in the honey and decide which pairing is your favorite. From light and fresh tasting teas, to the bold aromas of black tea, the flavors of the tea and honey should complement and enhance each other without being overwhelming. You will be charmed with Lori’s enthusiasm for honey, tea, and nature at this entertaining tasting session. Perhaps Lori will feature a Lavender Vanilla Honey or their newest Bourbon Barrel-aged Honey. Whichever honey she provides, it’s sure to be a flavorful treat!

3:00 pm –  Tea and Cheese Pairing (Sold Out)

Cheese and tea pairings are a fun new food trend. In this tea tasting session, you will compare and contrast a variety of cheeses that are readily available in your area with a range of quality loose leaf teas. Explore how the tea brings out the different flavor in the cheeses. As the ancient Chinese sage of tea, Lu Yu, said… “goodness is a decision for the mouth to make”.  Karen Donnelly, a Certified Tea Sommelier by the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada and owner of Greenhalgh Tea and the Orchard Tea Room, will present this clever and tasty session.