Friday Tea Tastings

Friday Tea Tastings – 45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings. 

Purchase tickets in advance . Tastings are limited to 15-20 people and have an additional fee.  All are $15.00 each.  Except the Teapot Cake Decorating.
9:15– 10:15 Bedazzled and Bejeweled Tea Infusers –
Create a unique and personal treasure as you design your very own one-of-a-kind tea infuser during this craft session. Choose your favorite style of stainless steel infuser to adorn and decorate. Each participant will design and assemble a fun and funky tea strainer using a variety of beads, trinkets and treasures firmly secured with artist wire and findings. Our instructor, Patti Van Brederode, with her degree in Art Education, has a great gift for providing clear instructions. Creative and talented, Patti brings an artist’s eye to the classroom. All supplies are included. We will fill your cups with a morning blend for you to enjoy while you create.

10:30 – The Spectrum of Tea Tasting: Taiwanese Oolongs  (This event is sold out.)
Dr. Sally Wei, a certified Tea Sommelier from the UK Tea Academy, London, England happily embraces two tea cultures, having been trained in Taiwan and England. She joins us from California to present this Taiwanese Oolong Tea Tasting session. Taiwan is proud of its famous Oolong Tea as well as many other lesser well known teas: Do you know - Why are “Pao Chong” teas wrapped in paper? How many “rollings” does Alisan High Mountain tea require? Why Taiwan’s black teas grow near Sun Moon Lake? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you taste the most beloved teas of the most mountainous country in Asia and learn why they are so treasured by the Taiwanese people. Dr. Wei is a tea instructor at Finley Community Center, City of Santa Rosa, CA, a tea instructor for Tzu Chi Foundation, San Jose, CA, and has been a presenter at tea festivals in the USA and abroad. We are pleased to welcome her to the PA Tea Festival!

12:00 TEA TASTING – Tea 101 (This event is sold out.)
This class will focus on tea (Camellia sinensis) and the many categories of tea that are produced from this single plant that yields a full range of tastes to experience. The amazing complexities and variations in the wide variety of tea can all be attributed to the individual plant species Camellia sinensis. With different production techniques, the range of flavors produced include white, green both Chinese (pan fried) & Japanese (steamed) styles, oolong, black and puerh teas. Such diversity from one single plant! Karen Donnelly, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada Certified Tea Sommelier and owner of Greenhalgh Tea will walk you through the different processing methods and a tasting of these five tea types. A discussion on caffeine myths and fact, health benefits, and the difference between tea and tisanes (herbals) will round out the session.

1:30 – Tea and Honey Pairing Tasting (This event is sold out.)
The combination of quality tea and flavored honey can offer a fantastically complex and flavorful pairing to create the ultimate taste sensation! Discover a range of honey flavors at this tea and honey pairing hosted by Lori Stahl of BeeBees All Naturals. With three different teas to sample, Lori will provide a variety of flavored honey to add to each tea. You will be able to compare and contrast the flavor notes found in the honey and decide which pairing is your favorite. From light and fresh tasting teas, to the bold aromas of black tea, the flavors of the tea and honey should complement and enhance each other without being overwhelming. You will be charmed with Lori’s enthusiasm for honey, tea, and nature at this entertaining tasting session.

3:00 – Sushi and Japanese Teas  (This event is sold out.)
We have a powerhouse of instructors for this unique tasting of Japanese Green Teas and hand crafted Sushi. Sushi can be a detailed and complex style of food, however with the right understanding of a hand full of basic techniques, anyone can become their own sushi chef at home! Owner Nate Baer of Mechanicsburg based RETRO SUSHI loves to teach the basics of making sushi and is extremely creative in sushi combinations. He will provide some sushi prepared in advance to sample but will also create and demonstrate sushi making during class for you to see how easy it is. Mike Raab, Specialty Tea Institute Certified Tea Instructor and owner of Tea For All in New Jersey will properly brew a variety of Japanese Teas for you to pair, taste and contrast with the sushi in this informative, creative and entertaining class.

3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  
Teapot Cake Decorating Workshop: “I’m a Little Teapot Sweet and Rosy!” (This event is sold out.)
Decorate a charming teapot cake under the guided instruction of the staff at Jubilee Cake Studio. No cake decorating experience necessary! All the supplies, utensils, and guidance needed to “decorate-it-yourself” are provided. Learn to work with fondant, from covering your base cake, to crafting a handle and spout and turning it into a pretty little teapot. Once you’ve crafted the teapot, instructions are provided to create pretty pink roses and easily stamped leaves to adorn the cake. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided with each step. Register early for this creative workshop and get ready to decorate! Note: Class is held at the Jubilee Cake Studio, 6 West Allen Street, in downtown Mechanicsburg where they tout ‘We bake. You Decorate.’. There is a large parking lot conveniently located across from the studio. A bright pink cake box is provided to safely transport your cake home. The cake will last 5 days (unless you eat it before then!). Please register one person per each cake.. Outside food, cake, drinks, etc. are not permitted in the workshop. $28.00