Welcome to the TCGIS PTO Community Auction and Strudel Sale Website

The auction is closed for 2018.  Thank you to all of our generous donors and all who made purchases!  You made the auction successful again this year!

Donations without purchases can be made on the main information page HERE with the Donate button at the top or the bottom of the page. 

The PTO Auction is a fundraising and community-building activity sponsored by the PTO, and supported by TCGIS parents, teachers, staff and other community members. The Auction is the largest fundraising event for our PTO each year. 

The auction will run Oct. 25- Nov 1, 2018.  Check out the auction page for more information on the auction.  

If you can help out with the auction, check out the volunteer page.  There are volunteer opportunities before, during, and after the auction.  Our most urgent need is for volunteers to help their classroom teacher or other teachers and staff to organize Teacher and Admin Events.  For details see here.

Included in the Auction:

Great Gatherings - Events and parties hosted by TCGIS families

Teacher & Admin Events - Fun events donated by Teachers and Staff at TCGIS

Great Stuff - handmade items, home-baked treats, gift cards, and opportunities donated by TCGIS families & community members

Strudel Sale - 11 delicious flavors - either savory or sweet - to choose from