My research interests are in the fields of Human-Robot Interaction, Haptic Perception, and Robot Manipulation. I am particularly interested in the domain of Assistive Robotics. In the past, I have also actively worked on Teleoperation Systems, Control Systems, and Psychophysics. Some relevant links are given below:

Here's a word cloud of relevant keywords:


I generally teach an undergraduate / M. Eng. Foundations of Robotics course in the Fall and a graduate Robot Manipulation Course in the Spring. For my most recent teaching updates, please follow my lab website.

[Autumn 2020] Co-instructor for CSE 590R Research Seminar

[Autumn 2019] Co-instructor for CSE 590R Research Seminar

[Winter 2019] CSE 571: Robotics: Algorithms and Applications. Here's a sample short video collage of some of the final projects using various robotic manipulators, mobile robots, UAVs, simulators etc. :