I am a Robotics Ph.D Student at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) at Georgia-Tech. I work with Dr. Charles C. Kemp at the Healthcare Robotics Lab. My primary research interests are in the fields of Haptic Perception, Tactile Sensing, Machine Learning and Controls. As a part of my work, I also actively collaborate with Dr. James M. Rehg and Dr. Lena H. Ting.

During my Ph.D, I have also done multiple internships with Disney Research, Los Angeles where I worked with Dr. Günter Niemeyer on developing bio-inspired control strategies for effective human-robot interaction.
Before starting my Ph.D, I worked as a Visiting Scientist at the Interaction and Robotics Research Center at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), in Seoul, South-Korea. My work there was focused on Control Design for human-like reaching movements using Redundancy in Robot Arm-Trunk and Hand-Arm systems. I did my M.S in the Robotics and Simulation Lab in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) at Daejeon, South-Korea. During my M.S, I worked on the Analysis of Stability and Performance of Teleoperation systems in surgical applications.

I did my B. Tech from National Institute of Technology-Calicut (NIT-Calicut). During my Junior and Senior years, I worked on the design and development of a Mobile Robot which avoids obstacles and the simulation of a cricket-playing robot using neural networks and fuzzy logic. After my B.Tech, I worked in TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (A TATA Motors subsidiary) on the design of an industrial pick-and-place robot and providing robotic and factory-automation solutions.

To visualize the progression of my research topics, I have created a word cloud of my papers before starting Ph.D and after starting Ph.D. 
I used python, pdfminer to convert pdfs to texts, nltk and pyenchant for some post processing, and word_cloud to generate the word clouds.

                              Before Ph.D                                                                                                         During Ph.D


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