Tanner Regan

London School of Economics & London Business School

I am an economist interested in urban economics, development economics, and public finance. I completed my PhD at the LSE in January 2021. Currently, I am a Research Fellow at LBS.

I am on the 2021/2022 academic job market and will be available for virtual interviews around the ASSA and EJME meetings.

I am affiliated with the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at LBS and the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE.

Short Bio

My research focuses on the economics of housing, land tenure, urban planning, and property tax in developing country cities. To study these issues I use tools from applied micro and experimental economics and a combination of data including satellite imagery, primary surveys, and administrative data. My work includes both reduced-form and structural estimation. This work has been published in leading journals, appearing in Science, the Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Political Economy.

Outside of academia, I have consulted in the private sector applying spatial data and machine learning to improve institutional real estate investment in the United States.