History of TAMOC (1998-2010)

This page lists minutes from earlier meetings, to be filled in, and will change often as it is modified. Prepared by Jim Babb (2011).

The 2000 TAMOC meeting was held at U. Connecticut, Storrs.

The 2001 TAMOC meeting was held on May 15, 2001, 8 PM, in London, Ontario. (Jim Babb, Chair and Carl Williams, Secretary).
There was a panel discussion on funding for TAMO physics from Federal agencies (DoE BES- Eric Rohlfing, NSF- R. Pratt) and on U. Maryland positions  (Carl Williams) and reports from institutions (Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics - Paul Berman , ITAMP - Kate Kirby, U. Rochester- Jim McGuire).
Tony Starace (Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln) gave a short talk highlighting some of the interesting aspects of the life and career of the late Ugo Fano (U. Chicago) in recognition of his contributions to AMO physics.
An open letter to TAMOC from Tony Starace was posted after the meeting.

The 2002 TAMOC meeting was held on May 28, 2002, 7 PM, at the College of WiIliam and Mary, VA (Jim Babb, Chair and Carl Williams, Secretary).
As usual, funding reports: Eric Rohlfing (DoE CSRP AMO), Barry Schneider (NSF AMOP theory), Henry Everitt (ARO Nanoscience/QIP), Carl Williams (for Peter Reynolds ONR AMP).
Kate Kirby reported on ITAMP.
A special nano-symposium was held, "Overlap of AMO physics with nanostructures",
with host and organizer: Jim McGuire (Tulane), and
speakers John Keto (Texas), Hossein Sadeghpour (Harvard-Smithsonian)

The 2003 TAMOC meeting was held on May 22, 2003 at DAMOP in University of Colorado, Boulder. (Jim Babb, Chair; Carl Williams, Secretary).
Kate Kirby reported on ITAMP, Barry Schneider reported on the NSF theory programs, and Pierre Meystre reported on KITP programs.
The ensuing discussion and call for new officers sparked a contentious debate on the aims and future of TAMOC.
Finally, Reinhold Blumel (Wesleyan), Chair, and Mark Baertschy (Universty of Colorado, Denver), Secretary, were elected. 
It was decided that a charter should be drafted and finalized at next year's meeting.

The 2004 TAMOC meeting was held at DAMOP on May 26, 2004, 6 PM, in Tucson, AZ. (R. Blumel, Chair)

The 2005 TAMOC meeting was held at DAMOP on May 17, 2005, 8 PM, in Lincoln, NE.
Report of the Officers,  Report given by Reinhold Blumel, President of TAMOC
Jim Mcguire suggested that it would be better if TAMOC did not have an official charter.
The consensus at the meeting was to not pursue writing a charter for TAMOC.
Reminder about the TAMOC web site at physics cudenver edu / tamoc.
Please register on the web site to keep up-to-date with TAMOC happenings.
Reinhold Blumel will be stepping down as president following this meeting. Mark Baertschy is willing to continue as secretary. Deborah Watson (University of Oklahoma) is willing to serve as the next president of TAMOC.
The on-line report of this meeting is not yet complete.
Created 2005-06-10, retrieved from Internet Archive 10/27/11.

The 2006 TAMOC meeting was held at DAMOP on May 16, 2006, 8 PM, in Knoxville, TN.

The 2007 TAMOC meeting was held at DAMOP/DAMP on June 5, 2007, 8 PM, in Calgary. (D. Watson, Chair and Mike Moore, Secretary)

May 29, 2008. Penn State.

May 19, 2009. U. Virginia.

The 2010 TAMOC meeting was held at DAMOP on May 25, 2010, 8 PM, in Houston, TX. (R. Cote, Chair and Mike Moore, Secretary).
The presentations were from the theory center ITAMP (Hossein Sadeghpour) and  from
the funding agencies, R. Pratt (NSF), J. Krause (DoE), P. Reynolds (ARO) and from APS on
the political landscape by Mike Lubell. There was no change in the officers. Some  round-table discussions topics
were proposed and discussed.

1998 TAMOC was held at DAMOP on May 28, 1998 in Santa Fe, NM. (Chair Klaus Bartschadt, Secretary Michael Cavagnero)
The proposed agenda was:
1.A review from representatives of grant
agencies, 2.A review of the activities
in AMO theory centers, 3.A panel
discussion on the future of TAMOC, 4.An
open forum for discussion and comments.