Pastel Care and Sales Information


Pastels are quite resilient over time and with appropriate care, works created over 200 years ago remain as vibrant and fresh as the day they were painted. To assist you in properly caring for your pastel artwork, here are some tips:
  • To prevent damage, the surface of a pastel painting should never be touched or exposed to water or moisture of any kind, or subjected to rapid extreme temperature changes.
  • As with all fine art, avoid exposing your pastel painting to direct sunlight, high humidity or any type of moisture to prevent fading, mildew, discoloration and other damage.
  • Never spray cleaner directly onto the glass or frame. Apply any cleaners to a cloth first and then wipe the glass and/or frame surface.
  • If you decide to reframe your painting, choose a framer familiar with framing pastels and do not allow them to apply fixative to the artwork. With regard to my paintings, I have taken special care to ensure solid adherence of the pastels to the surface while maintaining maximum brilliance of color, and the use of fixative may darken or discolor the painting.


Since my paintings are the work of my heart done for the love of art and nature, I put the same amount of care and attention to detail in my smallest works as I do with my largest, using the finest artist quality materials no matter the painting size.

For the limited selection of paintings that I am willing to sell, most of my prices generally vary between one hundred and three hundred dollars, although there are some exceptions slightly outside that range. I do also consider trades on a case-by-case basis. Due to storage limitations, most of my paintings are presently unframed unless exhibited through a gallery. If you live in the central North Carolina (Wake Forest/Raleigh) area, I can arrange delivery or you may pick up. If you are outside the central North Carolina area and shipping is required, I'm also happy to negotiate that. Please email me at with questions or for more information.

The price of an artwork is the same whether purchase is made from me personally or through a gallery. 

As always, all profits from the sales of my works continue to be donated to environmental and animal charitiesMany of my available unframed works are offered for free (except for shipping costs), as a thank you for donating to my supported charities - please inquire if interested in this opportunity. The charities I support generally list on their websites suggested donation amounts specific to their needs, most often starting in the ten to fifty dollar range, but any amount is appreciated.

Artwork is for personal use only.  I retain full reproduction copyright on all my work.  No digital or printed reproductions intended for financial gain without my prior consent.  Thank You!