Can`t you see the lake under the sea
Can`t you see the same sign when you feel lonely
Bye, Bye , my son of love
    Female friend
Since you went away, I realized,
that you weren`t never there.
Therefore I decided that you were never there
my female friend, but I remember your presence
in my life.
 Love, light, existence.
   I got no time
I got no time. I got no time.
never ever when I see you
I got no time. I got no time
for you baby
but I miss you most of all
my darling.
When all the leaves are brown
Don`t wait for the others
they got no time for you
but then you will enter into
space and time forever.
      Tear of Buddha
Can`t you see the light shining,
radiating from your heart ?
Can`t you feel the bliss and
blessing from the source of 
the universe, running through
your leylines.
Why are you suffering and
doubting about what is real ?
You believe in lies and illusions
but you don`t want to see the
light, the truth, which is appearent
in every thing.
Oh god believe is dead
wake up is real !

  Face yourself

Face yourself and believe, that
something is behind all the things,
which are frighten you, all your fears
are real and unreal, all your dreams
are true and untrue. It belongs to the
the watcher, which is you, your higherself
which is not attached to all of these things
you believe, they are true.
Believe in yourself.


You got to try not so long
but you can try as long as
you mean, you can try or should
try, to reach your target.
But always be aware, that you can
fail !
Therefore let go in every minute
and understand, that you can loose.
This is the art of life.
The balance between failing and
What is meant with the art of Zen.
The balance between yin and yang.
Between the sphinxes up and down,
The principles of life which is


    I wanna fool myself
I wanna fool myself !
I wanna cool myself !
I wanna amuse myself !
I wanna do all the things,
which are not good for me,
but I like them, because I
am a fool, I am a tool for
I wanna fool myself
I wanna cool myself
I wanna enjoy myself
because I am a little boy
I hate myself
Who am I, I am a fool
Who am I, I am a fool
Sorry I cannot understand you
Are you kidding me ?
Are you killing me ?
I am a fool, I am a tool
So cool.
  There will never be another you
There will never be another you babe !
There will never be your lips, that
I kissed and Iam standing here with some one you
There will never be another you
but now I am here to standing by
my music, to hear the sound, that makes
life groovy !
My name is Harry Saltzman
and I play my sax everytime
 We got burnt down
We got burnt down
We got burnt down
But we are standing up
We are not givin up
our fight.
against the walls,
which were built to
hold us down.
Not to see the light,
which is always shining.
stand up and fight for
your rights!
Thats why we are livin for
Not to give up and to die in our
 Is love true ?
Is love true or is it an illusion
of our mind and maya.
Is life true or is it an illusion
of our mind and maya.
Are our lives true or are they
an illusion of tricks, which trick
us all the time.
We don`t know because we are in a
form of illusion, prisoned in a body,
which is part of the form.
Isn`t it a perfect prison ? 


   Sentimental Feeling

I`ve got a sentimental feeling im my mind
and the mood I am in is fatalistic, but
I believe in myself and the world,
which protects me.
I am in a sentimental mood not crying.
there is something in my heart, which
I can`t tell you, but it`s true.
I am in a sentimental feeling
good bye my darling, good bye
I am not sad and not crying.
Something is erased in my mind now
there is nothing anymore
just only a print of you
That´s okay,because I know
life goes on and on.
I am in a sentimental feeling
just remembering you
but I feel okay, sun is shining
the world is round and so am I.
   This is the End
This is the end my only friend the end,
but I am always missing the beginning,
which was never ending.
sorry, that I didn´t ask you
for the beginning, that was never
started and never ended.


That`s why you feel so lonely
You feel uncomplete, because
the world, all the people are
uncomplete.The creation of god
is perfect, genious, but our
perception, our mind is un-
That lonliness, we will never
loose on this earth.We cannot
compensate it with family, with
friends, Love, matter or time.
It is unconditional.
Finally we have to remove our
blindness, our ego, our shadow
to see the truth behind.
Light and darkness.
Life is like a labyrinth.
It is never ending.
All our problems are never ending.
when you solve one, ten
others occur.
So what is the solution ?
What is the way out of our
Why is life so difficult ?
The problem is in ourselves.
We don`t know, who we are.
We have forgotten all our
traumas, when we were young.
So we try to find solutions
now, but we have not all the
little parts of the puzzle.
What means our knowledge is
not enough, to get always
the right solutions.
We are always imperfect and
before we can come higher, we
have to accept our own
failure. that means to love
and accept ourself like it
is and look upon it like
with a glass.
Why you are asking for ?
The wind is blowing
The sun is shining
Everything is bright.
There is nothing
which can harm you
So why thinking about tomorrow
There is nothing can harm you
So why do you have fear?
Tomorrow is far away
Why are you asking me
to tell you that I wasn`t here
Therefore we decided
not to talk about it.
That`s what you are looking for
To love me every day
That`s what you are looking for
To hate me for nothing
There is no tomorrow
We live now in the nowness
There is nothing can harm you
where do we go into nothing
nothing is real
eternity doesn`t exist
so why you are asking for ?
Love is where the heart is
Love is where the heart is
Love is where the heart is
Love is where the heart is
Love is where the heart is
There is nothing to say
There is nothing to say
Love is sure
and our feelings and confidence are sure
Love is where the heart is
That`s for sure
So what is love
Is it an illusion or dream ?
or is it real ?
It is the only reality beyond all the lies and dreams
and illusions
The lie
Sweet lie, come to me
I like you
Whenever you occur
I feel the difference between me and you
Sweet lie come to me
I fight with you to express myself
There is no difference between you and me
Can you feel me witout judging ?
Hope you`ll do it
Whenever I need you, sweet lie
I will asking you
 why ?
The  Musician
The musician is the expression of life.
He is there to perform and act.
His music moves your mind and changes feelings.
Jazz is very sentimental and abstract.
So the Jazzmusicien switches your mind and your feelings.
Thats a great deal !
So give a little respect to the musician !
He did a lot of work and still does it ! 
Clap your hands !