Massage Therapy

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are used.

Relaxation Massage is for anyone wanting a blissful pause from the stresses of life to restore physical, mental and emotional balance. Your worries melt away as long deep relaxing strokes alleviate tension.

Blood pressure lowers and stress hormones released under pressure are gently coaxed out to dissolve back into the blood stream. Whatever stage and age you are in life no one is too young or old to benefit from this massage.

Pregnancy Massage is available at all stages with a special body support system to lie face down on for back massage.

Remedial / Therapeutic Massage is a combination of relaxation massage plus deep tissue work to tight or sore areas.

Recommended for relief of aches and pains, improving blood and lymph circulation and as a detoxification treatment.

Regular massage helps prevent sporting and work injuries and increases immunity.

Energy levels are maximised as toxins are massaged away from muscles and around joints to enable freedom of movement.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle relaxing treatment using a light pumping motion to move lymph.

Lymph has a fluid network of nodes all over the body to remove toxins and carry defence cells to battle disease.

If these become blocked it can create swelling and lower our resistance to infections.

Peggy of Tairua writes:

“I have known Tina since emigrating from Switzerland 14 years ago when she became my massage therapist helping me with my back problems. Tina helped me like no other therapist I had tried, and I have used her excellent service since, especially after my car accident in 1999 that nearly killed me. Thanks to her capable and extremely good knowledge in massage she helped me to survive injuries sustained. I have frequently used her first class service over the years and have enjoyed her pleasant, kind and helpful nature. I can highly recommend Tina for anybody who seeks assistance and help.”