Alison of Tairua writes : “Tina is a true professional who takes pride in the finest details like big, soft,

beautiful smelling towels and just the right warmth, lighting and pressure. Once your massage starts with Tina, time melts away and an hour later you surface restored ”

The Tairua Massage Clinic is a therapeutic experience, located in a sun-filled and quiet rural setting alive with birdsong on the banks of the Pepe Stream.

Here amongst native New Zealand flora and fauna, massage therapist Tina Raymond provides a professional healing service of the highest order, combining 29 years of massage experience with that rare human gift for healing touch.

Tina has Diplomas in Therapeutic Massage and Yoga Teaching, and is a Registered General and Obstetric Nurse. She has a Certificate in Fascial Kinetics (Bowen Therapy).

Tina is a Registered Massage Therapist Level 6 with Massage New Zealand, the association for professional massage therapists. 

Tairua Massage Clinic offers Remedial, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Fascial Kinetics (Bowen Therapy).

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are used in massages.

Massage gift vouchers are available.

Book into the Tairua Massage Clinic for a therapeutic massage experience or restorative treat for a friend, a holiday host, or as a well-deserved gift to yourself.

A flat walk along this picturesque waterway is an excellent way to reach the Tairua Massage Clinic and takes approximately 15 minutes from the Tairua village or 22 minutes from the Tairua Wharf.

Photos on website taken at premises  - copyright Tina Raymond