Historical Pictorial

(aka "hysterical pictorial")

Mike Syphers

(1980) Fermilab, Accelerator Operations. The photo used on the picture board outside the Main Control Room from 1980-1990.

(1981) Fermilab, Accelerator Operations. Article from the Kane County Chronicle after our crew set a new world record for a proton accelerator, breaking the 30 Tp intensity mark for the first time.

(1981) Again, in the FermiNews bi-weekly news letter.

(1981) Outside the Fermilab Main Control Room; Gordon Smith, Bob Mau, Jeff Elseth, Mike Syphers, Fritz Macheel, Duane Plant, Dave Johnson.

(1987) Poster Session at Particle Accelerator Conference, Washington, D.C.

(1990) Teaching at the U.S. Particle Accelerator School (USPAS), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

(circa 1993) With Al Garren, hiking near Aspen, CO, during break in Snowmass meeting. (Photo by Eberhard Keil.)

(1993) Department lunch at the Catfish Plantation, Waxahachie, TX. L to R, Weiren Chou, Gena Stupakov, Jeng Shih, Al Garren, Mike Syphers.

(1997) Atop the World Trade Center, New York, NY.

(1998) At the USPAS, Austin, TX, with Martin Berz (MSU).

(1999) At the USPAS, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

(1999) VLHC Workshop on Accelerator Physics, Lake Geneva, WI.

(2000) Receiving Fermilab Employee Performance Recognition Award (EPRA) #1 from Mike Witherell.

(2001) Ask-A-Scientist Group Photo, Fermilab.


(2001) Speaking at Final Plenary Session, Snowmass, CO.

(2001) At the USPAS, Rice University, Houston, TX.

(2004) APS Fellowship announcement at Fermilab, with (L-R) Peter Cooper, Bob Bernstein, Bob Tschirhart.

(2004) Group photo, after receiving Fermilab EPRA#2 from Mike Witherell.

(2005) Teaching at the USPAS, San Francisco, CA.

(2008) Teaching at the USPAS, Santa Rosa, CA.

(2008) Appearance on Modern Marvels (The History Channel), "Crashes" episode.

(2009) On the "Lehman Review" of FRIB, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

(2009) Cohort III, Strategic Lab Leadership Program, U. Chicago Booth School of Business.

(2009) Symmetry Magazine article.

(2009) Receiving Fermilab EPRA#3 from Pier Oddone.

(2009) Ask-A-Scientist poster for Supercomputing 09 Conference, Portland, OR.

(2010) Poster for the Heilborn Symposium, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

(2010) Recent Fermilab photo, by Reider Hahn.

(2011) Recent MSU photo.


(2012) USPAS "Fundamentals" class, U. Texas at Austin.

(2012) Student presentations, USPAS, Grand Rapids, MI.

(2012) Exotic Beams Summer School, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL.

(2013) "Book signing" at the June USPAS, Fort Collins, CO.

(2013) Muon g-2 Ring Arrival at Fermilab.

(2013) With my college buddy Dave Wark at Snowmass on the Mississippi, Minneapolis, MN.

IMSA intersession 2015

(2015) Lecturing on accelerators at Intersession 2015, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, IL.

(2015) USPAS "Fundamentals" class, Old Dominion University, Virginia.

(2015) Long Baseline Neutrino Facility CD-1 Refresh Review, Fermilab.

(2016) USPAS "Fundamentals" class, U. Texas at Austin.

(2016) Teaching at USPAS, U. Texas at Austin; receiving the Inaugural USPAS "Iron Man" Award.

(2018) USPAS "Fundamentals" class, Old Dominion University, Hampton, Virgina.

(2018) Presenting friend and colleague Elvin Harms his USPAS "Iron Man" award; with Elvin and Stuart Henderson, USPAS, ODU, Hampton, Virginia.

(2018) Presenting "g-2" talk at International Computational Accelerator Physics conference, Key West, Florida.