About this site


After much thrashing around I decided to make this a central portal for directing followers to various pages of mine. With the syphy.com URL pointed to this site, one can be directed to my blog site, my web site at Northern Illinois University, my Picasa photos, the official Edwards and Syphers home page, my Facebook page, etc., from one central location.

The Purpose

  • To put up-to-date information in one location
  • To point toward other sites with additional files and pics
  • To point toward other, older web sites
  • To get feedback from the outside world on these activities

Target sites

The major sites that I maintain or help maintain are the following:

  • Edwards and Syphers web site
  • NIU and NICADD Syphers web page
  • SyPhy blog site
  • Picasa public photos
  • Facebook
  • Linked-In


  • The sites above will be easily accessible from the front page of the SyPhySite.
  • Keep this page relatively up to date
  • Reduce the need to constantly keep the other web sites up to date.