What are we doing?
SYNCHRONIZER (working title)
(former title: SYNCHRONICITY – The Last Prophet)

A traditionally hand drawn, apocalyptic Science-Ficiton Road Movie Anime Adventure! It is the year 2117 AD. The scientist Evan Harbinger and Ada, his lover, are on their way to the by now ice free South Pole, where they believe they have discovered the source of all life. During their travels they become friends with a four legged super computer who leads them to their long anticipated goal. But nothing can prepare them for what awaits them there…

VR Anime music video in VR for the synth wave god "Waveshaper"

Very first VR Anime Test. Works with all Virtual reality glasses and Cardboard.

first official teaser of  "Synchronicity - Synchronizer" no glasses needed.

contains footage in work progress.

Poster designs: