Messagiera, Orfeo, Opera Royal de Versailles

“L'homogénéité de la Messagère façonnée par Sylvie Bedouelle condense la saisissante sobriété de la funeste annonce, distillée avec une remarquable économie dans l'effet.”


Messagiera, Orfeo, DeSingel (Antwerp)

Eindringlichkeit zog mit der zierlich-zerschmetternden Schärfe und quälend-bedrückt geschulten Klarheit vom hohen Mezzo Sylvie Bedouelle als Überbringerin des Todesunglücks Euridices ein, der man mit bewussten Pausen der ringenden Stille – gebannt von der verstörenden Schönheit der Schreckensmessage – an den Lippen hing.


Frugola, Il Tabarro, Arcola Theatre

“Sylvie Bedouelle’s precision of tone and gesture saved Frugola from caricature.”

Opera Magazine

Madelon, Fortunio, Grange Park Opera

“Sylvie Bedouelle provided strong support as Madelon” -

Volusio, Cajo Fabrizio, London Handel Festival

“The lyric mezzo Sylvie Bedouelle played Sestia’s lover, Volusio with all the aplomb of a principal boy. She has it all: a stage presence, acting ability, a lovely flexible voice and a wide range of repertoire…”

Opera Britannia

Mère Marie, Dialogues des Carmélites, GSMD

“Sylvie Bedouelle was vocally superb and dramatically convincing as Mère Marie, the strongest-willed of the younger nuns...”

Mrs Herring, Albert Herring, GSMD

“...The other outstanding performance was from Sylvie Bedouelle as Mrs Herring. She acted the hen-pecking mother to perfection [...] You could almost see her eyes light up with pound signs! Her declaration at the end of Act I ‘bloody little fool’nearly brought the House down. Bedouelle’s lament for the apparent loss of her son in Act III was genuinely moving...”