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Eli Greene / Woodchopper's Reel: a cakewalk and a fiddle tune, as a medley. Dan switches to bass, Olivier to mandolin.


Chinatown My Chinatown, a 1910 jazz standard predating swing and most (?) of us.


2 French Bourrées. The first one simply known as Bourrée (ha!), the second one named Les Poules Huppées (The Crested Hens); a la sauce western swing. Dan switches to bass, Olivier to mandolin.


Sitting On Top Of The World, a very nice bluesy version of that old standard from the 20's or 30's.


Sway. One of the many latin flavored numbers we play. Get that red rose between your teeth and start dancing while this is playing.


Over The Waterfall, an old timey fiddle tune, originally from Britain, where they know something about water falling. Now a staple of bluegrass jams all over. Dan switches to bass, Olivier to mandolin.


Take Me Back To Tulsa, made famous by Bob Wills and many others, including us...


2 food related fiddle tunes, Angeline The Baker from the mid 1800's, and Turkey In The Straw, an old time favorite of those roving ice cream trucks (oddly in A, for those keeping score). Dan switches to bass, Olivier to mandolin.


Longhorn Stomp, a great foot-tapper from Adolph Hofner, a Texas Western Swing pioneer of Czechoslovakian persuasion. Wow that's easier to play than spell.

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